Scientists proved that pleasant music beneficially affects development of a baby in its mom’s belly. British mass media inform that based on this fact, a Canadian student of engineering department invented an ÌÐ3-player for pregnant women, which will soon hit the market.

A device called BLABY is a belt with three built-in earphones to be fastened on the belly of a future mother. Music played by the player is well audible inside the belly, and through USB connector parents can load any songs they wish even samples of their own voice.

According to the inventor Jiof Ramsay, the player for pregnant was created on the basis of the so-called “Mozart effect”, a phenomenon discovered by scientists who monitored development of fetuses under influence of certain music. Experiments had shown the kids who were developing to the accompaniment of classic music, in particular Mozart, grew up quickwitted.

Earphones built-in to the device, transfuse music and voice through woman’s belly wall with a light simultaneous massage. Despite the fact a fetus is unable to hear sounds immediately due to amniotic fluid it perceives vibrations caused by sound waves. According to J.Ramsay, his solution might help parents both bring up a cleverer kid with sound mind, and enhance their relations with the offspring.