Best Water Softeners For Your Convenience

Water is called the ‘elixir’ of life. And why not it be called so? From quenching our thirst to washing, cleaning, cooking, bathing almost all the daily activities of life make help realise the importance of water.

Talking of the domestic   usage of water, it is of utmost importance to get it purified before consumption. However, the water available to us is mostly ‘hard’ and hence cannot be consumed directly.

The hardness of water is its characteristic caused by the presence of higher contents of calcium and magnesium carbonates inappropriate for daily use. It is here where water softening finds its importance.

Water Softening is the process of removing the high mineral contents from hard water with the help of ‘water softeners’ available in the market, rendering it suitable to be used for various activities.


Choosing the best water softener among the whole lot obtainable from the market is really an issue of concern. Here are some of the best water softeners that might be of help to you,in case you are looking for one.

Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener

Among the best-rated water softeners, this one from Fleck removes the calcium and magnesium ions by the ion-exchange method. To control the regeneration process (it saves water by allowing to generate it only when needed), this device has a digital-on-demand control valve. The tank of Fleck 5600SXT is built of durable poly-glass and provides you with a warranty for 10 years! With a standard  brine tank capable of holding up to 250 pounds of pelleted salt, this softener also has a number of more amazing features like touchpad controls, an interface friendly to the user, LCD display and also an internal power back-up for 48 hours.

Amazon price: $510.

NuvoH20 Manor Complete Water Softener

This is another amazing top-rated water softener that uses a technology based on the process of chelation to decrease the pH of water. This is a salt-free system and can be a great choice if you want to prevent corrosion in the plumbing fixtures due to hard water build up.It has a compact size and bears a capacity of 60,000 gallons. You can read about Nuvo H20 Reviews here.
Amazon price: $578.82

Watts RV PRO-1000 Water Softener

This is a portable water softener good for the travellers. So, if you are on camping this can be of great help as water nearby camp sites is mostly hard. Measuring about 8×22 inches in size, it has fast action and is very easy to handle. It takes only 20 mins for the regeneration process needing 2 pounds of salts each time.
Amazon price: $197.92

WaterBoss 220 Water Softener

With a capacity of 22,000 grain removal, WaterBoss 220 is a compact sized, efficient water softener. Interestingly, it takes just 18 mins for this water softener to complete the regeneration process with 2.5 salt settling. WaterBoss  220 can soften as much as 70 grains per gallon, it can also help reduced ferrous iron to a level of 10 ppm. You can install it very easily as it comes with everything needed to make it stand.

Amazon price: $566.95

Morton Salt MSD34C System Saver Water Softener

This model of water softener consumes very less space as it has no separate brine and mineral tank; rather they are combined in one. It also has less operational costs as against most other water softeners as it uses fewer salts than them. It uses the ion exchange method to replace magnesium and calcium ions with softer ones like sodium by letting the water pass through a chamber containing tiny resin beads. This is effective for a large family as it has a 34,000-grain water softening unit which is quite large. Moreover, the installation is also easy.

Amazon price: $641

These are some of the best water softeners available in the current market. Browse through this site to find some real consumer reviews

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