The slowly fading magic of Cinema

With a certain price of admission and a promise for the unseen they let you in and seat you as per you wish. And your eyes are fixated on the screen while your hands dig through the popcorn , till you can scratch the bottom of the tub. Sips of cokes and dips of nachos wrap you to your seat as you go for a mesmerizing ride. That is the magic of cinema, the movie theaters that surround our very existence. But cinemas are growing old, and have seen a slow run recently. The hits to their business have gotten more brutal.

According to ‘the Hollywood reporter’ and many other sources, 2014 was the worst year for movie theaters since 1995.  The sales declined by 6% in 2014, over 2013’s sales. And the worst part is that the decline was seen in the age group of 14-24, which was the population that was allured the most by cinema theaters in 2010. There are further various other factors that contribute to the fall in cinemas. The price, the convenience, the alternatives. A cinema theater today isn’t just competing with other cinema theaters, but also with all the other alternatives that million dollar companies are supplying the consumers with.

So, here is bringing to you an amazing app to streamline movies as well as online T.V shows; ShowBox.

People these days wait for a good movie before they charge in to buy the tickets, all the other movies that pass them by are either illegally downloadable or legally purchasable. This brings them back to their homes and affront their television screens or for a cost which beats the price of admission. Netflix and HULU are two of the biggest names of such apps which provide online streaming of shows at a very small cost. Shadow Box is another such app, which brings the movies on your phone or tablet’s screen at negligible prices. When given alternatives like these, why would anyone pay a sum of 300 rupees or 12$ for the magic of cinema. Because experience is all a cinema can deliver, convenience tags along with it. And these apps which provide online streaming of movies already deliver convenience, leaving cinema with just the experience aspect.

Once the ShowBox for iPhone file is downloaded, you could easily use it on your android phone by opening it through the file viewer.

Cinema theaters themselves are at fault for the fall in their attendance, more than these convenience apps. They have sustained themselves on the same model of business since more than a century. In 1908, John P. Harris opened the first movie theater called Nickelodeon in Pittsburgh, charging  5 cents as the price for admission. It was an indoor exhibition space, projecting videos for the audience who sat on their respective seats. And after 1908, popcorn entered the theaters in 1912.  Nothing much has changed since then. But it’s high time that cinema theaters adopt a new business model , or a new approach towards their viewers . Because now experience is all cinema has to deliver. Theaters just need to  bring back the magic with a new model of implementation and they  won’t lose their market. Not now, not in the next century.