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The world of Android users and iPhone users is very different. Their operations, apps, sharing process and operation software are completely different. iPhone users have iOS as their operating software. I-Phones have a different system that is why they have different apps for Android. I-Phone apps do not run on Android and vice versa. But now due to advancement in technology, there are some apps that can be used by both the operating systems. The coding is different but functions are same. The download process is different for both the operating systems.

There are many official music apps as well as third-party Music Downloader apps for iPhone from where the iPhone users can listen to music. Music is something that can soothe your soul or excite it to its very core, can say the words you cannot, can understand your pain and be your companion in sorrow and much more. So here are some apps that will be your best companions.


Apple Music

With more than 30 million songs to offer this app is built with the features of iTunes Radio and Beats Music. Apple Music app allows you to stream through its libraries which have a vast collection of songs. The ‘For You’ category is built on the songs recommended to you by the app according to your listening habits. Users can also create a custom playlist to listen anytime they want. You can also check out the featured content of the app uploaded by various artists. The app although is for free. The users get Beats 1, Apple Radio and content on connecting for free but for more options, they have to subscribe for $ 9.99 per month.

Music Paradise Pro

Music Paradise Pro is a music streaming app which is available for iOS operating software and for free. It allows its users to download music for free. Its features include that the music you download is not copyrighted. So instead of finding non-copyrighted songs and then downloading them the users can easily stream for desired music here and download it. The app works on simple method. It searches for tracks that are on search engines that have songs which are not copyrighted. This app also allows musicians to upload the music they have created.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music is a Google app. The app’s popularity is built on the YouTube’s fan base. The app initially was known as Music Key. Through this app, you have access to various artists, videos, and albums. The recommendations for next lines show according to your preferences. Subscribers of YouTube Red have an extra benefit of ad-free listening and offline feature.


Final Say

All these apps are good to go for iPhone users. Streaming songs and downloading them could not have been easier. Different apps offer different features so choosing amongst them can be tricky. You need to know what kind of features you want. No point of wasting your time on downloading a wrong music app, you have to read the features, install the app and enjoy music.

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